Carnival of the Egg Moon

Howdy everyone! Thing’s are certainly perking up for Spring, even with regards to our Moon, so I decided to throw together another Carnival of the Moon. Recently, The Moon Society sent out a request to its members eliciting support for a book donation project to create a Lunar Resource Library … Continue reading

My New Space Hero

Howdy all! I just wanted to post a little something about this year’s winner of the Intel Science Talent Search, who has become my new space hero. Erika DeBenedictis, a senior at the Albuquerque Academy is doing research on what are variously known as low-energy trajectories, weak stability-boundary trajectories, InterPlanetary … Continue reading

The Dawn of a New American Enterprise

The space program announcement on Monday was, in my view, status quo shattering. It engages a lot of risk, but if you look carefully at what it says (as opposed to what the mass media says it says), you will see that it unlocks an enormous realm of opportunity. In … Continue reading

LEAG 2009 Debrief

Wow! That was a mind-bending conference. Clearly LRO is coming into full flower, its instruments providing solid and fascinating results. Overall the trip down to Houston was a bonanza for the Lunar Library, with lots of new additions of all kinds, especially from the Half-Price Books down on NASA Road … Continue reading


I’m going to Strasbourg! I recently got the e-mail from the Selection Committee for the next ISU Symposium coming up in February, and they’ve accepted me as a speaker for the morning session of the first day, “Public Outreach, Promotion and Awareness”. This is actually a bit of a surprise. … Continue reading

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