Moon Moods

Howdy everyone! Just taking a break here from various projects to point out some consumer culture items helping to set a Moon mood this week. First up, is Apollo 18. Billed as “found footage” from a secret government mission to the Moon in 1974, it opens Friday around the country: … Continue reading

They’re Here!!!

Howdy everyone! My birthday presents to myself finally arrived! I’ve got to say that set 3368, the Space Launch Complex, looks like a phenomenal build. Love the rocket design. The fairing can hold either an astronaut in a rocket sled, or a satellite. There’s a crawler to carry the rocket … Continue reading

The Dodransbicentiquasihebdomadibus Carnival of Space

Welcome everyone to this, the Dodransbicentiquasihebdomadibus Carnival of Space. Dodransbicentiquasihebdomadibus is my bad linguistics and butchered Latin for “175th sort-of-weekly”, and it sets the quasi-silly tone for this week’s Carnival. We’re always happy to host the Carnival of Space here at Out of the Cradle. I’m Ken, the Lunar Librarian … Continue reading

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