Lunar science fiction reviews

As you all probably know, Ken Murphy has been posting here on this blog, reviews of non-fiction, space-related books. What you may not know is on our companion forums, he has also be providing us with reviews of with lunar centric fictional books. If it has a lunar theme, it … Continue reading

Space access topic of the day on The Space Show

Our friend David Livingston will be hosting a round-table discussion which will include the topics of rockets, engineering, and cost effective space access on his Radio/Podcast program, The Space Show. The LIVE broadcast will take place Sunday, April 9. 2006, from noon-1:30PM PDT (yeah, that pesky daylight savings time has … Continue reading

DNA doddles, and some space stuff too

Despite crash, Genesis appears to be to have at least a partial payoff. “We’ve managed to actually pull something out of this. We’ve done it,” said the mission’s chief scientist Don Burnett, from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). A failed parachute deployment put doubt in the recovery of samples … Continue reading

Space advocates beware journalists with agendas

Sorry outside distractions kept me from posting recently so I’m going to do a bit of catch up. First up, is an article that appears to have taken a wonky turn posted a couple days ago on Wired News. Okay kids, adjust your tinfoil hats and take a look… “The … Continue reading

Kimbal Musk: “reporting live and crazy”

Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal posted a new report from the Kwajalein Atoll and in the process discusses the various definitions of the word “Crazy.” When other rocket companies need something done, they requisition the right forms, talk to the right people, go back to the right forms, try again with … Continue reading

The Space Review: this week’s articles

Eric Hedman thinks that startups should be asking themselves some tough questions to enhance their business plans and chances of success. Jeff Foust reviews the latest space IMAX movie, about the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers, in Review: Roving Mars in IMAX. Andrew Turner describes the Aquarius system, which … Continue reading

The Space Review: this week’s articles

Grant Bonin asks the question: Are heavy lift launch vehicles the best technology for opening space to humankind? He makes a cogent argument as to why they may not be. Sam Dinkin reminds us of some radical but prescient predictions from Wiley Lay’s book, Rockets, Missiles, & Space Travel – … Continue reading

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