“Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways”

Atlantyca, SpA “Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways” Scholastic, Inc. 06/2011 ISBN13: 978-0-545-22774-2 Librarian’s Note: The English language edition of the copy I picked up in France last year is finally out. I like the French title, “Destination the Stars” better than “Star Castaways”. So fresh it’s not yet up … Continue reading

“Wandaba Style” (DVD)

Mutsuki, Juzo “Wandaba Style” IMAGICA Entertainment/ADV Films 2009 Publisher’s Web Site T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews Review AnimeNewsNetwork Review Revolution Science Fiction Review DVD Verdict Review Librarian’s Note: Billed as ‘Wacky Science Fiction Series’, this anime tells the story of Mix Juice, a girl group of wannabe pop stars, whose manager decides … Continue reading

“Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?” (graphic novel)

Fies, Brian “Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?” Abrams ComicArts 2009 ISBN13: 978-0-810-99636-6 Publisher’s Web Site Author’s Blog On-Line Preview Blast Magazine Interview Comic Book Resources Review Broken Frontier Review Sci-Fi Talk Podcast 2719 Hyperion Review Librarian’s Note: I am beyond impressed with this one. The graphic style makes … Continue reading

“Space Buddies” (DVD)

Keystone Entertainment “Space Buddies” Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 02/03/2009 Publisher’s Web Site Grasping for the Wind Review The Critical Critics Review About.com Review Mom’s Marbles Review (w/ coloring sheets) BlogCritics Review Librarian’s Note: The Moon! And Puppies! Has there ever been a cuter combination? It is 100% Disney formulaic, … Continue reading

Choose Your Own Adventure #26: “Moon Quest”

Montgomery, Anson Choose Your Own Adventure #26: “Moon Quest” Chooseco 09/2008 ISBN13: 978-1-933-39026-0 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: They’ve updated the illustrations, and it looks like several of the plotlines have changed. It’s not in the bookboxes yet (even the publisher doesn’t have it on their website), but Amazon can … Continue reading

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