To the Moon: Education for A New Era of Lunar Exploration

Wood, Charles et al. MSM500: To the Moon – Education for A New Era of Lunar Exploration Wheeling Jesuit University/Erma Ora Byrd Center for Educational Technologies On-Line Class starts 24 Sep 2007 Course Outline Librarian’s Note: This on-line course offers two graduate level credits. This is geared towards educators, with … Continue reading

“Moon Rocks/Earth Rocks”

“Moon Rocks/Earth Rocks” Jensan Scientific 2005 JPT-3521 Publisher’s Website Librarian’s Note: At last, my belated birthday present to myself has arrived. There’s an 11×17″ page folded into a four page booklet giving some background on how the rocks on the Moon are believed to have formed, and 2.5 pages of … Continue reading

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