“Moon Miner’s Manifesto” #238

Kokh, Peter (Ed.) “Moon Miner’s Manifesto” The Moon Society 09/2010 #238 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: This month’s issue was so good I had to post it in the Lunar Library. Excellent content on the waypoints between here and destination Moon; fresh space suit concepts; how the Lunar everdark craters … Continue reading

“The Future of Commercial Space Travel”

Horwitz, Daniella “The Future of Commercial Space Travel” Airline Fleet Management 05-06/2010 pp. 10-15 Publisher’s Web Site On-Line Text Librarian’s Note: One of the trade journals I get at work (since I used to be involved in aircraft finance), this article focuses primarily on Virgin Galactic, and keeps its eye … Continue reading

EVA Interviews Guillermo Söhnlein

Welcome to the second edition of EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age! Our next guest is Guillermo Söhnlein, founder of both the International Association of Space Entrepreneurs and Space Angels Network. One of the major challenges facing Space entrepreneurs and startups is finding adequate investment seed capital, the early-stage funds needed to … Continue reading

“2009 Satellite Industry Directory”

Bates, Jason (Ed.) “2009 Satellite Industry Directory” Access Intelligence LLC 2009 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: At a hefty 616 pages this is a nice directory for those interested in the satellite side of things. You know, the whole using space to benefit the Earth by entertaining and educating its … Continue reading

Tech Briefs Vol. 32 No. 10

NASA Tech Briefs Vol. 32 No. 10 10/2008 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: This is like a super-duper issue at 136 pages. I just get giddy reading through all of the neat high technology developments, like Stable Calibration of Raman Lidar Water-Vapor Measurements. (That’s a good thing, really) There’s also … Continue reading

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