“Tous Sur Orbite!” (DVD)

Gessner, Nicolas “Tous Sur Orbite!” Éditions Montparnasse 1997 (2004) Publisher’s Web Site Univers-Site.com Review Librarian’s Note: A Region 0 (all zones) DVD I picked up during my visit to the 14th ISU Symposium, this is an absolutely brilliant educational overview of the Earth’s place in space over the course of … Continue reading

LEAG/ICEUM/SRR Joint Meeting

Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG) / International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon (ICEUM) / Space Resources Roundtable (SRR) Joint Annual Meeting Cape Canaveral, FL Oct 28-31, 2008 First Announcement Second Announcement Final Announcement Best of the Moon 2008 – Selenology Librarian’s Note: … Continue reading

NLSI Lunar Science Conference

NASA Ames Research Center/NASA Lunar Science Insitute/Lunar & Planetary Institute NLSI Lunar Science Conference Ames Research Center July 20-23, 2008 Conference Website Registration (Deadline: July 11) The conference will review the state of knowledge of, and opportunities for science: Of the Moon: Study the nature and history of the Moon … Continue reading

American Student Moon Orbiter (ASMO)

NASA Ames Research Center/NASA Office of Education American Student Moon Orbiter (ASMO) ASMO Homepage ASMO Request for Information ASMO is currently conceived to be a 180kg satellite in a highly elliptic Frozen Lunar Orbit (FLO), carrying scientific instruments by which the students will perform lunar exploration activities of their choosing. … Continue reading

NLSI Cooperative Agreement Notice

NLSI Cooperative Agreement Notice NASA Lunar Science Institute Cooperative Agreement Notice NNH08ZDA008C (pdf) Notices of Intent Due: June 27, 2008 Proposals Due: August 29, 2008 Librarian’s Note: NASA is looking for Lunar science: Proposals should clearly articulate the innovative lunar research program to be pursued; its relevance to NASA goals … Continue reading

ISDC 2008: Day 1

Liveblogging ISDC 2008: Day 1 29/05/2008 Morning Session 1: Virgin Galactic Hobbyspace / Personal Spaceflight I / Personal Spaceflight II Session 2: Elon Musk Hobbyspace Session 3: Private Spaceflight Panel Hobbyspace Afternoon Part 1: Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP)/Lunar Regolith Issues Hobbyspace / CNN SBSP story Part 2: How Lunar Rocks … Continue reading

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