3-D Moon Globe

Moore, John 3-D Moon Globe Moonposter.ie 2009 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: Continuing his efforts to provide Moon-related educational materials, John has added a craft Moon globe to supplement his previous Moonposter. What kid doesn’t enjoy a craft project? And they end up with their own personal Moon globe to … Continue reading

NLSI Lunar Science Conference

NASA Ames Research Center/NASA Lunar Science Insitute/Lunar & Planetary Institute NLSI Lunar Science Conference Ames Research Center July 20-23, 2008 Conference Website Registration (Deadline: July 11) The conference will review the state of knowledge of, and opportunities for science: Of the Moon: Study the nature and history of the Moon … Continue reading

American Student Moon Orbiter (ASMO)

NASA Ames Research Center/NASA Office of Education American Student Moon Orbiter (ASMO) ASMO Homepage ASMO Request for Information ASMO is currently conceived to be a 180kg satellite in a highly elliptic Frozen Lunar Orbit (FLO), carrying scientific instruments by which the students will perform lunar exploration activities of their choosing. … Continue reading

“The Far Side of the Moon – A Photographic Guide”

Byrne Charles J. “The Far Side of the Moon – A Photographic Guide” Springer 2008 ISBN13: 978-0-387-73205-3 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: Impressive! Includes a large section on one of my favorite Lunar features, the deepest impact remnant in the known Solar system, stretching from the Lunar South pole nearly … Continue reading

To the Moon: Education for A New Era of Lunar Exploration

Wood, Charles et al. MSM500: To the Moon – Education for A New Era of Lunar Exploration Wheeling Jesuit University/Erma Ora Byrd Center for Educational Technologies On-Line Class starts 24 Sep 2007 Course Outline Librarian’s Note: This on-line course offers two graduate level credits. This is geared towards educators, with … Continue reading

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