“Jupiter Moon: The Pirates of Leda” (DVD)

A Primetime-Andromeda Production, in association with British Satellite Broadcasting “Jupiter Moon: The Pirates of Leda” Image Entertainment 1990 (2007) 15:49:00 Publisher’s Web Site Best of the Moon 2008 – High Frontier Fiction Librarians’ Note: The 75 episodes released to date on DVD weave quite an interesting story of college students … Continue reading

“Postcards from the Future” (Screener DVD)

Mahalo Pictures “Postcards from the Future” Director: Alan Chan 05/21/2007 Publisher’s website Trailer Out of the Cradle Review Cumbrian Sky Review Orange County Space Society Review (pdf) The Space Show Interview Librarian’s note: We’re working on having screenings of this beautiful movie at the 2007 ISDC in Dallas. Update: The … Continue reading

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