“Jupiter Moon: Fires of Io” (DVD)

A Primetime-Andromeda Production, in association with British Satellite Broadcasting “Jupiter Moon: Fires of Io” image entertainment 2008 14:40:00 Publisher’s Web Site Best of the Moon 2008 – High Frontier Fiction Librarian’s Note: This fourth DVD in the series collects the last episodes of the series, ending with #150. And quite … Continue reading

“Station” #1 (of 4) (comic)

Stokes, Johanna. Illus. by Leno Carvalho “Station” #1 (of 4) Boom Studios 06/2008 Publisher’s Web Site Comic Book Resources Review boing boing Review Librarian’s Note: Now available at a comic store near you. No aliens, no warp drives – just a good old-fashioned murder on the space station. Update: Apparently … Continue reading

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