“Moon Miner’s Manifesto” #238

Kokh, Peter (Ed.) “Moon Miner’s Manifesto” The Moon Society 09/2010 #238 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: This month’s issue was so good I had to post it in the Lunar Library. Excellent content on the waypoints between here and destination Moon; fresh space suit concepts; how the Lunar everdark craters … Continue reading

“The Future of Commercial Space Travel”

Horwitz, Daniella “The Future of Commercial Space Travel” Airline Fleet Management 05-06/2010 pp. 10-15 Publisher’s Web Site On-Line Text Librarian’s Note: One of the trade journals I get at work (since I used to be involved in aircraft finance), this article focuses primarily on Virgin Galactic, and keeps its eye … Continue reading

“Tous Sur Orbite!” (DVD)

Gessner, Nicolas “Tous Sur Orbite!” Éditions Montparnasse 1997 (2004) Publisher’s Web Site Univers-Site.com Review Librarian’s Note: A Region 0 (all zones) DVD I picked up during my visit to the 14th ISU Symposium, this is an absolutely brilliant educational overview of the Earth’s place in space over the course of … Continue reading

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