Smith, Caroline, Sara Russell & Gretchen Benedix “Meteorites” Firefly Books 2009 ISBN: 1-554-07515-7 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: “Ooh, that’s pretty!” said the lovely young cashier whilst looking at the cover at the bookstore where I found this title. Ding! Teachable moment. “Well miss, this is a thin section of … Continue reading

“Asteroid Mine” (Artist’s Proof Print)

Anderson, David Lee “Asteroid Mine” Artist’s Proof Print 2008 Artist’s Website Librarian’s Note: One of the nice finds at FenCon this weekend. Since it’s an artist’s proof it doesn’t look exactly like the image you see here.

3D World – The Magazine for 3D Artists (w/CD)

3D World – The Magazine for 3D Artists Future Publishing Ltd. 09/2008 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: Now this is an interesting find. It offers some intriguing articles, including “A walk on the moon [sic]” about animating a walking character in a 1/6th gravity environment, and how to simulate cometary … Continue reading

ISDC 2008 – Day 3

Liveblogging ISDC 2008 – Day 3 31/05/2008 Morning Session 1: NEO Panel: Hobbyspace / Instapundit Session 2: Personal Spaceflight Indicators: Hobbyspace / Glenn Reynolds/Popular Mechanics / Space News Session 3: Personal Spaceflight Experience: Hobbyspace Afternoon Part 1: Google Lunar X-Prize: Hobbyspace / Instapundit / Space Prizes / X-Prize: The Pomerantz … Continue reading

“The Million Mile Mission”

Klesius, Michael. Illus. by Paul DiMare “The Million Mile Mission” Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine June/July 2008 On-Line Text Best of the Moon 2008 – Big Rocks from Space Librarian’s Note: This issue also features an article on Space Solar Power Satellites, a technology that’s looking increasingly promising as energy … Continue reading

“Exploring Meteorite Mysteries”

“Exploring Meteorite Mysteries: A Teacher’s Guide with Activities for Earth and Space Sciences” NASA Office of Space Science/Solar System Exploration Division and Office of Human Resources and Education/Education Division 08/1997 EG-1997-08-104-HQ On-line Text (pdf) Librarian’s Note: This was distributed to the participants in the Moon Rock certification classes at the … Continue reading

“The Apocalypse” (DVD)

Faith Films “The Apocalypse” 2007 Publisher’s Web Site IMDB Users Reviews Yahoo! Movies Reviews Escaped Mental Patient Review Librarian’s Note: A fictional look at the theological considerations of a big rock from space. If you’re even vaguely considering it, please refer to the comments and various reviews noted above. It’s … Continue reading

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