“Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways”

Atlantyca, SpA “Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways” Scholastic, Inc. 06/2011 ISBN13: 978-0-545-22774-2 Librarian’s Note: The English language edition of the copy I picked up in France last year is finally out. I like the French title, “Destination the Stars” better than “Star Castaways”. So fresh it’s not yet up … Continue reading

“Pilgrim Observer Space Station” (model)

MPC “Pilgrim Observer Space Station” Learning Curve Brands Inc./Round 2, LLC 2011 Item #MPC713 Publisher’s Web Site Librarian’s Note: While not inexpensive (and what isn’t these days), you’re getting an above-average quality product. There’s no obvious “flash” (the extra bits of plastic that get left on in production), the box … Continue reading

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