COTS finalists picked

NASA hasn’t announced anything formally yet, but according to Alan Boyle and Michael Belfiore, the finalists for the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services contracts have been notified that they have made the cut. They are: Andrews Space Rocketplane Kistler SpaceDev Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) SpaceHab Transformational Space Corporation (t/Space)

X PRIZE Foundation and NASA announce $2.5 million Lunar Lander Challenge

NASA and the X-PRIZE Foundation have announced a teaming agreement to offer the Lunar Lander Analog Centennial Challenge. Under a Space Act Agreement, NASA will supply the prize purse, the largest to date for a Centennial Challenge, and the X-PRIZE Foundation will administer and execute the competitions. The first Lunar … Continue reading

This week at The Space Review

The latest batch of articles is out at the Space Review, and once again Jeff Foust has assembled a fine collection of thoughtful commentary. Before we get to that, I have to add my voice to the others who have marvelled recently at the one-man space publishing phenomenon that is … Continue reading

Space-Shot.Com offers space flight prize

Let the games begin. announces the release of the first $3 internet skill-game with a prize that will send you flying, a free trip on a sub-orbital flight “I am proud to announce that space travel is now open to all people!” said SpaceShot founder Sam Dinkin. “This product … Continue reading

Space access topic of the day on The Space Show

Our friend David Livingston will be hosting a round-table discussion which will include the topics of rockets, engineering, and cost effective space access on his Radio/Podcast program, The Space Show. The LIVE broadcast will take place Sunday, April 9. 2006, from noon-1:30PM PDT (yeah, that pesky daylight savings time has … Continue reading

Space advocates beware journalists with agendas

Sorry outside distractions kept me from posting recently so I’m going to do a bit of catch up. First up, is an article that appears to have taken a wonky turn posted a couple days ago on Wired News. Okay kids, adjust your tinfoil hats and take a look… “The … Continue reading

Rocketplane signs agreement for research flights is reporting that Rocketplane Limited, Inc have signed an agreement with a Japanese research firm to take experiments into space: Officials with Rocketplane and Hokkaido Aerospace Science and Technology Incubation Center have signed an agreement that allows Rocketplane to conduct research flights and launch satellites into space after test … Continue reading

Prognostications on the future of commercial space

The latest version of the commercial stairway to space timeline at HobbySpace is now available. This is not intended to be a ‘prediction’, as such, but more an indication of what is possible in the near future, if you extrapolate from current events. The interesting thing about this version of … Continue reading

Rocketing toward first flight: Gary Lantz of Rocketplane Limited, Inc

Gary Lantz is the Lead Systems Engineer and Aerodynamic Engineer for Rocketplane Limited, Incorporated. Rocketplane plans to field a fighter-sized, four seat suborbital spaceplane by mid-2007. This is a fascinating interview with an engineer that’s right in the thick of building a spacecraft for the emerging space tourism industry. Read the interview and then be sure to check out the Forums Q&A thread, where Gary has kindly agreed to take your questions. Continue reading

The Space Review: this week’s articles

Eric Hedman thinks that startups should be asking themselves some tough questions to enhance their business plans and chances of success. Jeff Foust reviews the latest space IMAX movie, about the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers, in Review: Roving Mars in IMAX. Andrew Turner describes the Aquarius system, which … Continue reading

Space briefs…or what I missed during my holiday vacation

Yes Mr. President…um…ma’am The other day Bob Werb, co-founder of the Space Frontier Foundation had a conversation with the President of the United States. Well, not exactly… In a piece titled “What If…” Bob relates a little thought exercise on what if you had the ear of the President in … Continue reading

Ascending into space: John Powell talks about JP Aerospace – part one

John Powell is the president and founder of JP Aerospace. All through his youth, he dreamed of building spacecraft – and that’s exactly what he’s been doing ever since. With advanced balloon, airship and rocket systems, and even his own free flight experiment payload program, John and his team have … Continue reading

Mike Griffin gets it

Hey everyone – lets stop bitching about “Apollo on steroids” for a minute or two, and listen to what the NASA administrator actually has to say about space commerce and NewSpace participation in the Vision for Space Exploration. We may not agree with everything, but we might be pleasantly surpised: … Continue reading

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