STS-121 gains “Fourth of July” launch date

The Fourth of July in the United States, is always a time for picnics, parades and fireworks. Now we can add shuttle launches to that mix. Sunday’s scheduled launch of STS-121 was scrubbed for the second time in as many days. The next launch attempt for Discovery’s STS-121 mission to … Continue reading

COTS finalists picked

NASA hasn’t announced anything formally yet, but according to Alan Boyle and Michael Belfiore, the finalists for the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services contracts have been notified that they have made the cut. They are: Andrews Space Rocketplane Kistler SpaceDev Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) SpaceHab Transformational Space Corporation (t/Space)

X PRIZE Foundation and NASA announce $2.5 million Lunar Lander Challenge

NASA and the X-PRIZE Foundation have announced a teaming agreement to offer the Lunar Lander Analog Centennial Challenge. Under a Space Act Agreement, NASA will supply the prize purse, the largest to date for a Centennial Challenge, and the X-PRIZE Foundation will administer and execute the competitions. The first Lunar … Continue reading

Lunar science fiction reviews

As you all probably know, Ken Murphy has been posting here on this blog, reviews of non-fiction, space-related books. What you may not know is on our companion forums, he has also be providing us with reviews of with lunar centric fictional books. If it has a lunar theme, it … Continue reading

This week at The Space Review

The latest batch of articles is out at the Space Review, and once again Jeff Foust has assembled a fine collection of thoughtful commentary. Before we get to that, I have to add my voice to the others who have marvelled recently at the one-man space publishing phenomenon that is … Continue reading

Add-on LRO payload is officially an “Impactor”

Image above: In this artist’s concept, the upper stage and a “sheparding spacecraft” (left) approach the moon before impacting at the south pole (right). Credit: NASA/John Frassanito and Associates. Since the story broke several days ago the secondary payload that was said to be a lander turns out to be … Continue reading

Space-Shot.Com offers space flight prize

Let the games begin. announces the release of the first $3 internet skill-game with a prize that will send you flying, a free trip on a sub-orbital flight “I am proud to announce that space travel is now open to all people!” said SpaceShot founder Sam Dinkin. “This product … Continue reading

Lunar add-on payload announced

SpaceRef has very brief article announcing NASA’s plans to tag on a robotic lunar lander mission as a secondary payload to the 2008 launch of Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Details however are scant at this time. NASA managers, engineers, and scientists have been reviewing secondary spacecraft proposals that take advantage of … Continue reading

News “private citizen” astronaut announced

In a press release yesterday Space Adventures announced; Space Adventures, Ltd., the world’s leading space-experiences company, announced today that Charles Simonyi, Ph.D. has signed a contract for a future orbital spaceflight. This is the same company that brought about the visits to the International Space Station (ISS) by private citizens, … Continue reading

Space access topic of the day on The Space Show

Our friend David Livingston will be hosting a round-table discussion which will include the topics of rockets, engineering, and cost effective space access on his Radio/Podcast program, The Space Show. The LIVE broadcast will take place Sunday, April 9. 2006, from noon-1:30PM PDT (yeah, that pesky daylight savings time has … Continue reading

Solar eclipse puts on a show across the African continent

Oh by the way, there was a Solar Eclipse today. Yeah, I missed the boat too. A view of the shadow passing as seen from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA NASA TV provided live coverage of the event. Yeah I missed that too. On their website they have video … Continue reading

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