A Dragon Spreads its Wings

Congratulations to SpaceX on a spectacular launch of the Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon capsule for the COTS-2/3 cargo delivery demonstration mission. Dragon is safely in orbit, its solar array wings are deployed, and, right this minute there is a Dragon flying around the world, headed toward a rendezvous … Continue reading

Carnival of the Egg Moon

Howdy everyone! Thing’s are certainly perking up for Spring, even with regards to our Moon, so I decided to throw together another Carnival of the Moon. Recently, The Moon Society sent out a request to its members eliciting support for a book donation project to create a Lunar Resource Library … Continue reading

EVA Interviews Hoyt Davidson, Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC

Welcome back to EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Ageâ„¢ as we leave the Lunar Editions and return to Earth orbit. Our next guest is Hoyt Davidson, Founder and Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC. Near Earth specializes in providing Investment Banking and Advisory Services to companies and investors in the … Continue reading

The Dawn of a New American Enterprise

The space program announcement on Monday was, in my view, status quo shattering. It engages a lot of risk, but if you look carefully at what it says (as opposed to what the mass media says it says), you will see that it unlocks an enormous realm of opportunity. In … Continue reading

Carnival of Space #57 – This One’s for the Ladies!

Howdy everyone! Welcome to this week’s spectacular Carnival of Space! I’m your host Ken, the Lunar Librarian here at Out of the Cradle. We don’t have to go far this week to find space. This last weekend in Washington, D.C., the National Space Society held their 27th annual International Space … Continue reading

Space Access 2008

Space Access Society Space Access 2008 Phoenix, AZ 03/27 – 03/29/2008 Librarian’s Note: Not a fancy website, these are guys who are working on making sure we have frequent and regular access to low-Earth orbit outside of NASA. They’re focused on rockets, not pretty graphics. Blog Coverage Henry Cate’s Agenda … Continue reading

Carnival of Space #18

Image by R.A. Smith from “The Exploration of the Moon” Hear ye! Hear ye! Step right up ladies and gentlemen and prepare to be shocked and amazed at the wonders of the universe that await you here at the Carnival of Space. I’m Ken Murphy, custodian of the Lunar Library … Continue reading

Contact established with Genesis II space module, “doing fine”

More from Bigelow. So far, so good: Bigelow Aerospace Confirms Space Module has Successfully Expanded and Functioning Well Las Vegas, NV 06/28/07 – Bigelow Aerospace has established contact with its second pathfinder spacecraft, Genesis II. Launched earlier Thursday from Yasny, Russia, Mission Control in North Las Vegas, Nev., made first … Continue reading

Second private space station prototype launched into orbit

This just arrived from Bigelow Aerospace. Congratulations, guys! Genesis II Successfully Launched Bigelow Aerospace Still Awaits Confirmation of Spacecraft Health and Expansion Las Vegas, NV 06/28/07 – Genesis II, the second experimental pathfinder spacecraft by Bigelow Aerospace, has been successfully launched and inserted into orbit. The privately-funded space station module … Continue reading

Armadillo Aerospace is finally getting noticed

Apparently by some big players: Somewhat to his surprise, three major aerospace companies are talking to Armadillo Aerospace about flying sensor systems on Armadillo vehicles, using them as high-altitude platforms, Neil Milburn, program manager for Armadillo Aerospace, said in a June 15 interview: Those flights are expected to begin in … Continue reading

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