Space Shuttle Launch #NASATweetUps, Past and Present

Space Shuttle Atlantis is poised to launch to the International Space Station, and NASA is hosting a Twitter meet-up, or tweet-up, at the launch. If you’re one of the 150 lucky invitees attending the shuttle launch as guests of NASA, I can tell you from personal experience that you are … Continue reading

Carnival of the Egg Moon

Howdy everyone! Thing’s are certainly perking up for Spring, even with regards to our Moon, so I decided to throw together another Carnival of the Moon. Recently, The Moon Society sent out a request to its members eliciting support for a book donation project to create a Lunar Resource Library … Continue reading

The Dawn of a New American Enterprise

The space program announcement on Monday was, in my view, status quo shattering. It engages a lot of risk, but if you look carefully at what it says (as opposed to what the mass media says it says), you will see that it unlocks an enormous realm of opportunity. In … Continue reading

A Challenging but Rewarding Lunar Project

“Lunar Challenge“, published by EdNovations in 2004, it weighs in at several pounds of resources. I’ve got to admit, this is probably the most challenging review I’ve done to date, as there was a lot to cover. “Lunar Challenge” was developed in response to the President’s Vision for Space Exploration … Continue reading

Carnival of Space #18

Image by R.A. Smith from “The Exploration of the Moon” Hear ye! Hear ye! Step right up ladies and gentlemen and prepare to be shocked and amazed at the wonders of the universe that await you here at the Carnival of Space. I’m Ken Murphy, custodian of the Lunar Library … Continue reading

In space, no-one can hear you sing in the shower

…because there isn’t a shower. “Sweat doesn’t fall of you. The water just accumulates until it gets too big and agitated and falls off like a sphere of water. It then floats around until it hits something. It takes a lot of water to fall off.” Imagine huge water balls … Continue reading

ISDC News Wrap-up

Howdy everyone! I’m almost done convalescing after co-chairing the ISDC, and have done a little scouting around the web to see the news that came out of it. Much of which I only got to see bits and pieces of whilst patrolling the conference making sure that everything was going … Continue reading

International Space Development Conference – Online Registration Closes Soon!

Howdy everyone! Regular visitors to the Lunar Library know that yours truly is one of the co-chairs for the International Space Development Conference coming up over the Memorial Day weekend here in Dallas. This is the largest citizen space conference in the world, and gathers together leaders in industry, academia, … Continue reading

Falcon 1 second demo flight now targeted for March 19-22

From Elon: The launch window is now March 19th to 22nd (California time). During extended ground testing in late February, one of our second stage thrust vector control boards indicated a problem. Although our analysis showed substantial margin for flight, we decided nonetheless to increase the robustness of certain of … Continue reading

Bigelow’s Lunar Plans

Alan Boyle over at Cosmic Log has just interviewed Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, the company building and testing inflatable space habitats for low-Earth-orbit. Turns out that they’re not just for low-Earth-orbit. Bigelow’s long-range plans include assembling moon-bases out of his modules, at the Earth-Moon-L1 lagrange point, and flying them … Continue reading

A win-win business case for COTS?

(Via Clark at HobbySpace RLV and Space Transport News) An analysis of NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program by aerospace engineering and consulting firm Spaceworks Engineering, shows a potential $6.5 to $7 billion market for COTS services, with the government saving as much as $8 billion over the same period … Continue reading

Orion CEV mock-up rolled out for media

In this artist’s concept, the Orion CEV docked to a lunar lander, is depicted orbiting the moon. Credit: Lockheed-Martian Associated Press reporter recounts his experiences as he tries out Lockheed-Martian’s mock-up of their Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, (CEV). Fresh off of receiving an $8 billion contract to build it, Lockheed-Martian … Continue reading

“The Survival Imperative: Using Space to Protect Earth”

“The Survival Imperative: Using Space to Protect Earth” by Burrows, William E.

Published in 2006 by Forge Books (a Tom Doherty Associates press, like Tor Books), it weighs in at 350 pages of content plus several appendices. No errors noted.

Mr. Burrows, a professor of Journalism at NYU, is one of the better known chroniclers of the space age, and his book “This New Ocean” is a particularly well known title. In “The Survival Imperative”, Mr. Burrows picks up on the growing theme of “Space for the benefit of Earth”, and lays out a very compelling case for why our efforts to develop the space frontier are not merely a luxury, but rather a necessity if we value the continuity of our civilization into the indefinite future.
Continue reading

Finally a science group that thinks returning to the Moon is a good idea

There’s been a lot of whingeing from the science community that NASA’s plan to return humans to the Moon is stealing money from far more worthy pursuits, such as (insert whatever project the scientists in question are working on here). So it’s a real breath of fresh air to hear … Continue reading

New SpaceX update available

(via Clark at HobbySpace RLV and Space Transport News) Elon Musk has posted a new update at the SpaceX website. There’s plenty to read, including some information about the company’s recent COTS win, pictures of the Falcon-9 with a Dragon crew capsule – showing, for the first time, a launch … Continue reading

Spectacular liftoff heralds resumption of ISS assembly

Space shuttle Atlantis roared away from the launch pad today in an apparently flawless launch, having endured many days of technical and weather-related delays, and a three-year mission postponement brought about by the disastrous loss of her sister ship, Columbia. Eight and a half minutes after liftoff, Atlantis and her … Continue reading

It’s (semi) official: CEV to be named “Orion”

Jeff Williams made a slight faux pas on the international space station today, accidentally broadcasting a recording he was in the process of making over the air-to-ground communications loop. The recording was the announcement of the official name for the Crew Exploration Vehicle. It’s been an open secret for a … Continue reading

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