Review: Apollo’s Outcasts

Review: Apollo’s Outcasts “Apollo’s Outcasts” by Allen Steele. Published in 2012 by Pyr/Prometheus it weighs in at 311 pages all-in. A handful of spelling and editing errors noted throughout. Currently available in the Teen Adventure section of your local bookstore. The year is 2097. Jamey Barlowe is your average kid-in-a-wheelchair, … Continue reading

Review: “The Seventh Landing: Going Back to the Moon, This Time to Stay”

“The Seventh Landing” written and illustrated by Michael Carroll. Published in 2009 by Springer Science+Business Media, it weighs in at 174 pages all in. About a half-dozen editing errors noted, including the rather unusual “tikonauts” for “taikonauts” (the name for Chinese astronauts, like the Russian cosmonaut or French spationaute). One … Continue reading

Reviews: “The Moon: Its Creation, Form and Significance” and “Our Created Moon: Earth’s Fascinating Neighbor”

I needed a break from the Lunar mineralogy, so I decided to delve into the Cultura Lunaris section of the Lunar Library to see if I could find something interesting. I’m not terribly interested in reviewing the Moon-hoaxer books, in part because I have no desire to attract that kind … Continue reading

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