…And we’re back

Several WordPress version upgrades later, and we’re finally up to date. Things look a little different, and are likely subject to change, but that’s the beauty of the upgrade – a lot more things become possible.

Regolith added to the blogroll

A warm OotC welcome to Regolith, a new addition to the space blogiverse. Regolith is covering interesting, quirky, and newsworthy topics about space exploration and astronomy. Check out: Some interesting writing on the instrument panel of the Gemini VII spacecraft. A summary of the new FAA regulations for commercial spacecraft.

Back from a business trip

Observant OotC readers will have noticed that Mark has been holding the fort for the last week or so. I’ve been off doing day-job work in Australia. I’m back now though, and I thought that might be a good excuse for a Great Big List-O-Links Roundup: Leonard David at Space.com … Continue reading

Welcome, Mark

Observant readers will have noticed that the last few posts were the work of a newcomer to the OotC blog – I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Mark Trulson, the newest member of the blogging staff here. Which brings us to a grand total staff count of two. … Continue reading

Normal Blogging Resumed

Well, I’ve decided that I’ll blog the news articles that most interest me, and simultaneously post them to the forums, and use that instead of the normal blog comments for feedback. So normal blogging is resumed, for space news, and the odd writing/SF piece or whatever interests me. Cheers, Rob.

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