Moon Day Countdown

Howdy everyone!

One of the things I do as part of the prep work for Moon Day is to put the event on as many online local calendars as I can, over 15 so far this year. Turns out one of the event calendars has a nifty countdown widget to help keep track of how long until Moon Day:

I still need to work on getting the attendance numbers up…

Here’s a basic layout of the program so far:

Main Floor:
Museum artifacts
NSS of North Texas
The Moon Society
Dallas Mars Society
Dallas Area Rocket Society
UTD Center for Space Sciences
Fort Worth Astronomical Society (solar telescopes)
Astronaut Training Center (Space Camp-type equipment)
Solar System Ambassadors
Civil Air Patrol
UTA Planetarium
Space Miners
Museum of Nature & Science Inflatable planetarium
Speaking area (tentative)
Awakening the Sleeping Giant – Texas, New Space and the Next Frontier – Rick Tumlinson, TXA
Lunar College (Moon U.?; adult-level talks on space topics)
A Microscopic View of the Moon – Bob Finkelman, UTD
The Lunar Regolith and Its Maria Simulant JSC-1A – Dr. James Carter, UTD
A Roadmap of Cislunar Space – Ken Murphy, NSS of North Texas (tentative)
Space Shuttle: What Comes After – Ken Ruffin, NSS of North Texas (tentative)
Science Fact in Speculative Fiction – Pat Hauldren, NSS of North Texas (tentative)

Downstairs Classrooms:
Moon Academy (family-friendly classes)
Moon Rocks – Chaz Hafey, Brookhaven College
Toys in Space – Cynthia Whisennand, Solar System Ambassadors
Exploring the Solar System (+ build-a-comet exercise) – J. David Hale, SSA
Lunar Observing (?)

Art Show (upstairs):
Comics in Space
60 years worth of space-themed comics framed up for display, ~200 in number. 22 panels. It’s going to be an amazing show that I’m about 2/3rds finished putting together.

Auditorium (upstairs)
Moon movies –
Postcards from the Future
Coverage of Shuttle’s last flight

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