“Pilgrim Observer Space Station” (model)

“Pilgrim Observer Space Station”
Learning Curve Brands Inc./Round 2, LLC
Item #MPC713
Publisher’s Web Site

Librarian’s Note: While not inexpensive (and what isn’t these days), you’re getting an above-average quality product. There’s no obvious “flash” (the extra bits of plastic that get left on in production), the box is rather nice, there’s an iron-on, some nice spaceship-y decals, and a small background booklet that is perfect for future young scientists and engineers with lots of details on the layout of the station and the kinds of science it would be doing in its peregrinations around the Solar system.


When I was picking it up, the gentleman at the local hobby shop was rather curious about it so I gave him some background, and mentioned its marked similarity to NASA’s recent Nautilus-X design. I’ve been thinking of putting together the Moon Bus, but I think I’m going to tackle this one first.


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