“Lego City Space Shuttle”

“Lego City Space Shuttle”
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Librarian’s Note: Finally, the LEGOSpace countdown clock runs to zero again, and I use my lunch hour to head to the LEGO store at the mall just up the road a bit. I’m all anxious to load up on the new sets, like the Moon buggy (oh yeah) and the rocket launch complex. Marching into the store I quickly discern the new set. Singular. The space shuttle. But, but…Moon buggy!?! “Those are brand new”, informs the saleslady,and I’m all “Yeah, but where are the rest of the sets?” and she’s like “That’s all we got. We don’t have an ETA for the other sets.”

So the wait continues. I’ll build yet another Shuttle model and probably take it down to Frontiers of Flight to display with the other recent Shuttle model that LEGO put out (which was a fun build). Still, I’m really looking forward to the launch complex. And the Moon buggy…

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