“High Frontier” (board game)


Eklund, Phil
“High Frontier”
Sierra Madre Games
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Librarian’s Note: Wow! Some 30 years in the making, this thing is thorough. For 2-5 players, the rules run to 24 pages of dense text and images. The propulsion options will satisfy even the most esoteric rocket motor geeks – how ’bout a pebble-bed fission reactor for your asteroid-bound spacecraft? He’s got our second Moon, Cruithne, mapped in there, you’ll learn the names of all kinds of asteroids and what they’re good for, and players will have a much better understanding of the importance of Lagrange Points and the Interplanetary Superhighways. The Expansion Set doubles the board size to include Jupiter and Saturn and offers some interesting twists. This game is really an amazing achievement.

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