LEGO® Space Backpack + Lunch Set

Space Backpack + Lunch Set
Carry Gear Solutions LLC
Publisher’s Web Site

Librarian’s Note: My hope is that this is and the big Shuttle set are a foreshadowing of a new “real space” series to come out soon. It’s really too small for adults, but right-sized for those 5+. It features an interior pouch, a pencilbox zip pocket in front, and waterbottle mesh pouches on the sides. The lunch ‘box’ has a pocket in front, a handle, and a velcro thingee to attach to the backpack, which has an attachment point above the lunging astronaut minifig image just for that purpose. There’s also a sternum strap to help distribute the load. I may have to pick up a couple of these for the NSS of North Texas Santa Space Toy Drive this year.

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