LEGO “Shuttle Adventure”

“Shuttle Adventure”
Item 10213
Publisher’s Web Site

Librarian’s Note: Hah! The LEGO website has it listed for $99.99. I got mine at the local LEGO store for that price, and it is pretty stupendous at 1,204 pieces. The nephews are coming over this weekend to help put it together (and wishing it was for them), and then it’s going down to the Frontiers of Flight Museum to be added to the display case of modern space toys that accompanies the exhibit of Lunar art. Tune in to OotC for an update soon on the Moon Day planning.

[Update: A most excellent set, with a working robotic arm and satellite to deploy. The spring action landing gear is pretty cool, as is the cockpit area. Totally sweet. I’m still waiting on the LEGO Lunar Electric Rover, though.]

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