Tweeting the STS-129 Launch

Hey there folks, Rob the many-Moons-ago OotC founder here. (Sorry, Ken, Lunar Library pun very definitely intended ::vbg::)

I still check in on the place regularly, and I have to say I’ve been really impressed with what Ken’s been doing. Someone at NASA must have been as well: Recently, we got invited to attend the STS-129 Shuttle launch Tweet Up and Blogger meeting. Ken couldn’t make it because of LEAG, so with his permission I took the opportunity to travel over from my home base, New Zealand, and represent OotC at the launch.

Which I have to say is a pretty darn cool thing to get to do!

You can follow our coverage of the launch on Twitter via @RobOotC, and also here at the website. Hopefully you’ll get an interesting perspective from a first-time Shuttle launch watcher, and visitor to KSC.

Tomorrow the hundred NASATweetUp guests will be meeting at Kennedy Space Center for the first day of the tweetup event, and a guided tour of KSC. Then on Monday we get to live-tweet the launch (if that’s the right term) from the KSC press area beside the big countdown clock you often see on NASA TV.

Tune in for more over the next few days!

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