Smith, Caroline, Sara Russell & Gretchen Benedix
Firefly Books
ISBN: 1-554-07515-7
Publisher’s Web Site

Librarian’s Note: “Ooh, that’s pretty!” said the lovely young cashier whilst looking at the cover at the bookstore where I found this title. Ding! Teachable moment. “Well miss, this is a thin section of a meteorite [briefly explains thin sections] and judging by the yellowish color of the mineral it’s olivine, and the lighter stuff is pure iron. Not sure what the dark blotches are.”

It’s a Pallasite, one of the rarer types of meteorites, but that part escaped me at that moment even though I have one in the Lunar Library, or at least a slice of one. She then started paging through the book oohing and aahing at the various luminous thin sections, exclaiming “This stuff is so cool”. I think I foresee a future market for space jewelry with things like meteorite thin sections mounted on a thin LED to illuminate the colors found in the minerals.

It is a nicely done book and quite comprehensive in its 107 pages, and I think we have a strong contender here for a 2009 Best of the Moon in the Big Rocks from Space category.

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