Carnival of Space Catch-Up


Once again your Lunar Librarian finds himself playing catch-up with the Carnival of Space.

The latest and greatest Carnival of Space #107 can be found at innumerable worlds, a blogsite dedicated to the search for extra-solar planets.

Last week’s Carnival of Space #106 was hosted at Next Big Future.

Carnival of Space #105 danced over to the Discover stable of blogs and boogied down at Space Disco.

Prior to that, the Carnival of Space #104 scouted out new territory over at Mang’s Bat Page with the show dedicated to the legendary Avro Arrow.

The Carnival of Space is the greatest space show on the internet, brought to you every week by the team of Fraser Cain at Universe Today and the many great writers who share the universe with you week after week.

So who are the top CoS hosts? A quick analysis of the list linked above shows that Universe Today is the top host, followed by Why Homeschool?, where the Carnival originated. Music of the Spheres comes in at third with 5 hostings, then a three-way tie for fourth between Next Big Future, The Planetary Society Blog, and yours truly at Out of the Cradle, a two-way tie for fifth between Orbital Hub and Space Disco. A further 13 blogs have hosted twice, and the remainder have hosted once. The Carnival of Space has set up the Big Tent at an astounding 62 blogs so far, evidence that Fraser hews to the mantra of new hosts have priority.

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