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Why are you conducting these interviews?

In early December 2008, Eva-Jane Lark was the guest host, on The Space Show interviewing the Space Show’s own David Livingston. Ken Murphy, of Out of the Cradle, heard the interview and invited EVA to create and conduct in-depth interviews, with an emphasis and focus on discussing the Business of the new Space Age, here on With her strong interest in and knowledge about these areas, and her habit of walking through opening doors, EVA accepted (after asking Ken so many questions he felt he was the first interviewee)! Both of us look forward to these conversations!  

This is what David Livingston had to say about his interview with EVA: 

Broadcast 1066 (Special Edition)
Aired on December 5th, 2008
Guest: Eva-Jane Lark
Guest: Eva-Jane Lark was the guest host for this special Space Show and I was the guest that Ms. Lark interviewed. Eva-Jane started out asking me about my initial interest in space. Listen to what I said about my interest starting at a very early age. Eva-Jane did a stellar job in drawing me out in detailed responses to very good questions on many subjects ranging from business planning and development issues, to some personal issues and financial issues regarding The Space Show, and my goals and objectives with The Space Show. Many listeners participated and all questions went through Eva-Jane. One series of questions asked to me by the guest host Eva-Jane and a listener dealt with what annoyed me and boy, did I get on a soap box! Listen to what gets under the skin of DrSpace! On the flip side, she asked me what gave me the most pleasure and you will hear that as well. Based on one set of comments, an idea for a new Space Show program was developed, a Space Show program devoted to comedy. Suggestions and ideas for the guest(s) and how that show might develop are welcome. Eva-Jane drew me out on some of my favorite topics, education, students, reality versus that which is not real, selling or promising that which does not exist, expectations, science fiction and space enthusiasm and much more. She also inquired about my interactions with both the listeners and guests, remarkable people I’ve met, show setbacks and accomplishments, and people who work behind the scenes to make The Space Show happen, including board members of One Giant Leap and my editor. Space infrastructure was discussed as was space solar power which is presently the most popular subject talked about on the program. Eva-Jane was a terrific guest host and she is welcome back to this again anytime! If you have questions or comments for either the guest host, the host, or both of us, let us hear from you. My address is and you can reach Eva-Jane Lark at ejlark1 at gmail dot com.

Why are you calling them this?

These interviews will be conducted by Eva-Jane Lark who, for as long as she can remember, has signed her name EVA, except on legal documents or when writing to her mother. EVA is also an acronym for the financial term Economic Value Added and we aim to add value by discussing the economic, business, investment, entrepreneurial and legal aspects of our exodus Out of the Cradle, with interesting and knowledgeable people* who are active in these areas. In the space industry EVA usually stands for Extra Vehicular Activity and we like to think of these conversations as ones we might have floating in Space after we have said “WOW!!!!” and “How cool is this!!” several hundred times.

* While the main focus will be economic, we reserve the right to present the occasional fictitious, frivolous or marginally related interview.

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