For Anyone Quizzical – 5

What are the links in the interviews for?

When there is additional information that we believe you might find interesting or useful, we will provide an appropriate link. Visit it if you are curious, ignore them otherwise.

We understand there is some controversy about how links should open – redirect from the current page or open a new browser window. We prefer to have a new browser window opened when we click on a link. That is what we will try to offer – but EVA is new at writing code so you may be redirected until she figures it all out.

All jargon, acronyms, terms and their definitions will not be linked to in the interviews but will be defined, sometimes using links, on the special JAT&D page. 

(Some links may take you to Amazon or other sites which have products for sale. In the vein of full disclosure, some of these may pay us a very small commission or fee should you choose to buy something while you are there.)

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