“2009 Satellite Industry Directory”


Bates, Jason (Ed.)
“2009 Satellite Industry Directory”
Access Intelligence LLC
Publisher’s Web Site

Librarian’s Note: At a hefty 616 pages this is a nice directory for those interested in the satellite side of things. You know, the whole using space to benefit the Earth by entertaining and educating its peoples stuff. Extensive footprint maps show you where each satellite is targeted, with various specs, including expected lifetime. The main thing is the round-up of companies, from those who operate satellites in space, to those who broker the services, to those who provide the hardware and services. I may have to sic Eva on some of these folks for future EVA Interviews. If you’re more interested in who’s broadcasting what, there’s always the Satellite Transponder Guide.

2 thoughts on ““2009 Satellite Industry Directory”

  1. Hello my name is Josh Darville. Landed on this site because I was looking for a Satellite Guide and am not entirely sure what this form is used for.


    Can you please email me whatever books or guides you have in PDF form?

    If this is a guide for Satellite services, may I also request that you consider netArtera be added to your directory.

    [Unpaid advertisement removed]

    Thank you,

    Josh Darville

  2. Mr. Darville,

    It’s not my directory. I’m merely pointing you to where the directories can be found. I count 4 hyperlinks to the Satellite Today website in the blog entry, so you should be able to find everything you need there.

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