Tech Briefs Vol. 32 No. 10


Tech Briefs
Vol. 32 No. 10
Publisherรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs Web Site

Librarian’s Note: This is like a super-duper issue at 136 pages. I just get giddy reading through all of the neat high technology developments, like Stable Calibration of Raman Lidar Water-Vapor Measurements. (That’s a good thing, really) There’s also a poster from DuPont of technology spinoffs that I’m going to have to mount on foamboard for use in public space outreach. The fact that we develop such cutting edge technology here in the U.S. gives me comfort that our economy is in fact fundamentally sound, even if a cabal of rich and connected idiots managed to completely trash our financial system (with ample participation from abroad as well, as we’re finding out). The next important economic buzzword is going to be value-creation, as we’ve managed to borrow significantly from our future value-creation, and we’re going to have to be super value-creative to get through this. Real value creation, not paper transaction creation. Crafts, trades, industries, services. These are going to do fine, especially if we keep up the cutting edge technology R&D.

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