Launch Magazine Vol. 3 #5


Launch Magazine
MM Publishing
May/June 2008
Vol.3 #5
Publisherรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs Web Site

Best of the Moon 2008 – Youth High Frontier Fact

Librarian’s Note: Includes an article on the 2008 Lunar Regolith Excavation Challenge, which in my view is an incredible opportunity to do some ‘prep work’ for working on the Moon. There are a variety of techniques and designs applied to the challenge, and in this free market of ideas the better designs are going to rise to the top. The cover story is lushly illustrated look at the upcoming Hubble-servicing mission, including a cool picture of some of the custom tools. That is one sexy-looking drill. I also have a strong desire to add the Flown to the Moon Beta Cloth Patch Signed by Apollo 11 Crew found in the auction advert to the Lunar Library, though the Library’s budget is nowhere close to being anywhere close to affording something like that. I’ll just stick with books, magazines and videos…

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