“Kids to Space Mission Plans: An Educator’s Guide” (w/CD)


Schorer, Lonnie Jones & Barbara Sprungman David
“Kids to Space Mission Plans: An Educator’s Guide”
Apogee Books
ISBN13: 978-1-895-95971-1
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The Space Show Interview
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Best of the Moon 2008 – Youth Educator Materials

Librarian’s Note: So what happens when you write an absolutely top-notch phenomenal book for the youngsters, and none of the teachers can use it because it doesn’t have instructions on how to use it to teach space? You write up a curriculum guide that touches on all of the different topics in Kids to Space (that would be 94 mission plans to choose from). For the Moon chapter activity they use the ‘Exploring the Moon’ Teacher’s Guide and a Lunar Disk exercise for certified instructors. Getting certified is not a difficult experience, even your friendly Lunar Librarian is certified.

In conjunction with a copy of Kids to Space this is a powerful educational tool. The ‘Standards’ cover Art, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology (ITEA & ISTA), Careers, News and Geography. Aimed at 5th through 8th grade, it’s divided into three sections: Planning to Go to Space, Visiting and Living in Space, and Exploring Space. Includes a CD-ROM with even more curricular goodies. Perfect summer reading for your favorite teacher!

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