“The Million Mile Mission”


Klesius, Michael. Illus. by Paul DiMare
“The Million Mile Mission”
Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine
June/July 2008
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Best of the Moon 2008 – Big Rocks from Space

Librarian’s Note: This issue also features an article on Space Solar Power Satellites, a technology that’s looking increasingly promising as energy prices rise. Why waste our efforts digging up and burning, at great cost to the ecosystem, dead dinosaurs when we can pipe it in directly from the Sun? It’s available 24/7/52 (except for a few hours at the equinoxes), and peak sunlight isn’t expected for another few billion years. It won’t be cheap, but it is a long-term source of energy, the foundation of our prosperity. Most of the materials will not come from Earth, but rather should come from the Moon and the asteroids, which is why the main article is interesting. Whatever architecture we use to get to an asteroid we do need to start going out and visiting them because they can provide most all of the resources necessary for a space-faring civilization.

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