ISDC 2008 – Day 3


ISDC 2008 – Day 3

Session 1: NEO Panel: Hobbyspace / Instapundit
Session 2: Personal Spaceflight Indicators: Hobbyspace / Glenn Reynolds/Popular Mechanics / Space News
Session 3: Personal Spaceflight Experience: Hobbyspace

Part 1: Google Lunar X-Prize: Hobbyspace / Instapundit / Space Prizes / X-Prize: The Pomerantz Report
Part 2: SBSP Economics: Hobbyspace / Space Cynics / Energy Outlook
Part 3: Space Elevators: Space Elevator Blog / Space Prizes

Mmmmm…Astronaut ice cream

The Space Show interviews

A Babe in the Universe sums up her out of this world experience in ISDC, Gala Dinner and Witnessing the Dream, and The Techie Nerd Physicist in ISDC 2008 – Celebrating Space Exploration and Some Amazing Scoops.

If you missed this year’s ISDC, next year’s will be held during the first week in May in Orlando, FL, overlapping Space Day. Here’s the official site. It looks like an astounding three NSS chapters will be working together to make it happen. Given all the neat options in Florida, this could be a really cool conference! (I want to go to EPCOT) Do your part to help out by joining NSS, and your local chapter, and if you’re in Florida be sure to volunteer so you can get behind-the-scenes access.

Just a reminder to non-NSS members – you do not need to be a member of NSS to attend. You just need to register and pay. These conferences are open to EVERYONE interested in space.

Special Note: Will Pomerantz notes in his Part 1 blog post that he will be speaking at the Goddard NASA Academy right after the ISDC. Young Will was one of my charges when I worked as program support staff at the 2002 GSFC Academy (I won’t link directly to his participant’s page…). He’s an example of what the Academy does, train young space leaders. This year’s program has already started, but graduate-level students should consider applying to next year’s Academy.

Librarian’s Note: It looks like once again the hometown newspapers for the host city of the ISDC have completely dropped the ball on a major space conference right in their own back yard. I couldn’t find any stories in either the Washington Times or Washington Post. Last year, the Dallas Morning News was four months late in even mentioning the conference. Of course, it is easier to transcribe corporate press releases as news than to actually investigate and report. And the newspapers wonder why their circulation numbers continue to decline… Still, the Orlando paper seems to be on top of things space.

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