ISDC 2008: Day 2


ISDC 2008 – Day 2

Session 1: Constellation panel: Hobbyspace
Session 2: ISS panel: Hobbyspace I / Hobbyspace II

Part 1: Managing Growth in a Small Space Company/Space Angels Network: Hobbyspace
Part 2: Apollo vs Constellation/Yuri’s Night/Space Tourism and The Space Treaties: Hobbyspace
Part 3: Low Cost Access to Space panel: Hobbyspace
Part 4: Election 2008 Space Panel: Space Politics / Instapundit / The Space Review / Space Prizes
Part 5: Government Acquisition: Space Prizes

Gala Dinner: Canadian Cincinnatvs / Instapundit

Space Elevator Blog
Part I / Part II / Part III

C-SPAN broadcast!
Space Development Conference
Constellation Panel
Future of the International Space Station
Campaign 2008 and Space Policy
Space Medicine
Cooperation in Space Exploration

NASAWatch / Tony’s Blog (not offensive post, though has warning) / Making Good Mondays

The Space Show interviews

Kate in DC gives us a bit too much information in Musings on a Boy. She should just offer to meet him for drinks later to talk about, you know, space stuff.

Librarian’s Note: The Hobbyspace link for Part 2 mentions Yuri’s Night, and the Dancing Snoopy award that is given to volunteers that go above and beyond the call of duty. I think they give out certificates these days, but back in the first year, 2001, the volunteers got medals. Here’s the inside scoop. Back in early 2001 I was doing my ISU internship at Boeing HSF&E, Loretta was, IIRC, at JPL (we knew each other from SGF). I was looking for a stuffed astronaut Snoopy. I knew that Knott’s Berry Farm had Peanuts characters, and so rode my bike out to KBF and visited their giftshop. There I found a few astronaut Snoopy items, mainly keychains. Later, when I was showing the space Snoopy booty to Loretta, and we were talking about the upcoming inaugural 2001 Yuri’s Night in L.A., she had the insight to take the dancing astronaut Snoopy off of the keychain and put it onto a ribbon. Voila, instant award for the volunteers, and not too expensive either. Mine is on the left, and is one of my most cherished possessions.

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