ISDC 2008: Day 1


ISDC 2008: Day 1

Session 1: Virgin Galactic Hobbyspace / Personal Spaceflight I / Personal Spaceflight II
Session 2: Elon Musk Hobbyspace
Session 3: Private Spaceflight Panel Hobbyspace

Part 1: Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP)/Lunar Regolith Issues Hobbyspace / CNN SBSP story
Part 2: How Lunar Rocks Could Save the Earth Hobbyspace
Part 3: Space Media Panel Hobbyspace / Instapundit
Part 4: Spaceports Panel Hobbyspace
Part 5: Chinese Space Program: Glenn Reynolds/Popular Mechanics
Part 6: Interstellar Colonization Overcoming Bias

Space Elevator Blog
Part I / Part II / Part III

Glenn Reynolds notes the gender ratio at the conference (here’s Cassie at my conference, flirting with Pixel), and the winners of the Space Settlements competition.

and my favorite Babein the Universe had the good sense to entitle her post on the Space Investment Summit as “Fly Me to the Moon” (and I couldn’t agree more with her sentiment).

Librarian’s Note: Unfortunately I can’t make this year’s ISDC, but if it’s as good as the one I co-chaired last year, it should be a great success!

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