“Lunar Science Community Needs Rebuilding, Researchers Say”


David, Leonard
“Lunar Science Community Needs Rebuilding, Researchers Say”
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Librarian’s Note: I was at both the LPSC and LEAG conferences referenced in the article, and I will note that there have been more younger folks at these sorts of things than there used to be a few years ago. The article suggests remobilizing existing planetary scientists to focus on our Moon. A while back I suggested the formation of a Lunar Academy program at the university, perhaps post-grad level, using the NASA Academy and ISU model, to provide young minds with a well-rounded understanding of our Moon and the role that she plays in the life of Earth from scientific, commercial, and security perspectives. (watching for asteroids and other space threats type security, not nukes on the Moon type security – the Moon is for everyone, and to protect everyone)

One thought on ““Lunar Science Community Needs Rebuilding, Researchers Say”

  1. America needs to allow foreigners in to do Lunar Science. Now, no one is stepping up to do the jobs. With more H1-B visas to allow indian and Chinese scientists to work in the US, we would not have as big of a problem with them doing the science in India and China and taking the lead position away from us.

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