“Field Trip to the Moon”


American Museum of Natural History
“Field Trip to the Moon”
Educator’s Guide (pdf)
Informal Educator’s Guide (pdf)
Companion Guide (pdf)

Librarian’s Note: This is an excellent phenomenal set of materials. The Classroom Investigations are quite well done, and cover different team areas like Ecosystem, Geology, Habitat, Engineering, Navigation and Medical. I can easily envision a larger investigation built around this core with, for example, the Ecosystem team looking into NASA’s Lunar Plant Growth Chamber Challenge, the Navigation team downloading a copy of Orbiter and actually working out the voyage to the Moon and back, the Geology team getting a copy of “The Pocket Guide to Lunar Mineralogy” and putting together a collection of genuine fake Moon rocks, the Medical team visiting the “Human Physiology in Space” website for a mind-boggling amount of information (HS level), the Engineering team doing a Solar Cell project, perhaps to recharge a rover, and the Habitat team putting together a diorama of a habitat layout. Additional materials and resources are available at the website. Kudos to the American Museum of Natural History for putting this one together!

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