The Bicentilune

(or: 200 tales of Lunar Adventure)


Howdy all! I was reviewing the reviews over in the Lunar Science Fiction thread in the Forums, and realized that once you add up all of the constituent stories I was finally at over 200 to date. I know it’s hard to believe that enough people have found the Moon sufficiently interesting as to actually write a story about it, but there are many more left to go in the Lunar Library, and I’m unearthing more all of the time.

To help make it easier, I’ve divided the stories into very rough categories. No claim is made as to the accuracy of the categorizations. The basic rules of the road are that clicking on the story title will take you to the review featuring that story. From the review you should be able to link through to the ‘file card’ in the Lunar Library (a lot of the short stories won’t have one – yet), where you can find more information on the work. Some of the stories with expired copyrights are available online. Earlier on in the project I was also linking through to other websites through a ‘Would You Like to Know More?’ link.

A note on the grading system, which is probably confusing at first glance. The ratings go from New to Quarter (or crescent), to half (or first-quarter) to three-quarter (or gibbous) to Full Moon. Purists will note that crescent, first quarter and gibbous would be the correct terms to use, but the quarter, half and three quarter designations are meant to denote the extent of Full-ness. (When the Moon is lit on the right half, it’s first quarter Moon, and when it’s lit on the left half it’s third quarter) Books for children are judged on a lesser scale, since they’re not really at the same level as adult books. While an average adult book would be a half Moon, an average kids book would be a quarter Moon.

These 5 basic ratings are refined in two ways:
(i) as waxing (a bit better than) or waning (not quite as good as), and
(ii) as at perigee (an outstanding example in that category) or at apogee (a not so good example of that category).

So a New Moon at apogee rating is a particularly bad book, while a Full Moon at perigee is a particularly fine story – well crafted, free of errors, good character and plot development, portrays good moral values and ethics, conveys a lot of Lunar knowledge, and so forth. A waxing half Moon would be a bit better than average story. ‘Jason X: Death Moon’ is a good example of the New Moon (it is the one story I haven’t bothered to waste my time finishing), ‘Moonwake’ is a fine example of a Full Moon.

Good editing is important (and worth paying for), and I consider misspellings in children’s stories to be unconscionable. Many a story, especially, but certainly not exlusively, by the independently published authors has dropped a notch or two (or more) because of mistakes. To their credit, many authors have gone back and revised their texts. It probably stings, but I think most recognize that I try to be impartial and objective in my reviews, and a fair critique helps lead to better results all around.

Some may be wondering why I’m bothering to review Moon stories, and the short answer is that I intend to write a book about the Moon in science fiction after I’m done, and these reviews are my working notes. I’ve got about 50-60, maybe more stories in the Lunar Library, and I know of others that I’m looking for. A print copy of Daniel Defoe’s ‘The Consolidator’ is a good example, and there are older sci fi mags with Moon stories in them that I have yet to discover. So there are at least 100 more to go.

Enjoy your adventures on the Moon!


Moon Bases & Cities (my favorite category!)

A Fall of Moondust Lunar Encounter
Assemblers of Infinity Millenium
City on the Moon Moon Base
Evolution’s Child: Republic of Luna The Moon Goddess and the Son
Fall Girl The Moon is Hell
Farside Cannon Moonquake
Gambler’s Star Book One: The Six Families Moonrise
Heads NOMAD/Y: The Moon Base Project
Honor Born, Honor Bound Project Avalon
Human Resource Terraforming Earth
In the Wrong Hands To Luna With Love
Launch Out The Tranquility Alternative
Lunar Descent


The Daleth Effect
Le diable l’emporte
Fisherman’s Hope
Luna Marine
Mutineer’s Moon
The Oxygen Barons
Rebel Moon
Space Tug
Stark’s War
Stark’s Command
Stark’s Crusade
Tongues of the Moon

Moon Trips

Anti-Ice Double Planet Peace on Earth
Apollo at Go Inherit the Stars Red Moon
Apollo 21 Invaders on the Moon Rogue Moon
A Woman in Space Mission to the Moon Saucer: The Conquest
Back to the Moon Moon Blog Shoot at the Moon
Doctor Who: Imperial Moon Moonspin The Shot into Infinity


The Bellman
Blood on the Moon
Dead Man on the Moon:
A Luna City Special Investigations (LCSI) Novel
The Disappeared: A Retrieval Artist Novel
Lunar Justice


Blood Moon
Jason X: Blood Moon


Classic Tales

L’Autre Monde, ou les Etats et Empires de la Lune Maza of the Moon
Brigands of the Moon The Moon Colony
Doc Savage #50: Devil on the Moon The Moon Maid
The First Men in the Moon The Moon Metal
The Lomokome Papers The Unparalleled Adventures of one Hans Pfaall
The Man in the Moone, or a Discourse of a Voyage
Thither by Domingo Gonsales The Speedy Messenger
Plinius cemetary

Strong Religious Themes

The Unknown Sky: A Novel of the Moon


An Apollo Asteroids John Harper Wilson Nothing Happens on the Moon
Ashes and Tombstones Keyhole Once Around the Moon
The Black Pits of Luna The Last Man on the Moon Openshot
Blinker Life on the Moon Operation Pumice
Breakfast on the Moon, with Georges The Light Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Orbiting…
Carry the Moon in my Pocket The Listening Glass People Came from Earth
Columbus was a Dope The Little Bit That Counts The Plague
The Conditioned Reflex The Long Watch The Reluctant Heroes
Critical Angle Lunar Laws Report on the Nature of the Lunar Surface
Down to Earth Lunar War Requiem
Dust Rag The Lunatics Searchlight
Elegy Magnolias, Mint Juleps, and the Moon The Sentinel
Evolution The Man Who Sold the Moon The Shadow Knows
Extending the Holdings The Man Who Stole the Moon Steps Along the Way
The Far Look The Menace from Earth Sunshine, Genius and Rust
Gentlemen, Be Seated The Missing Symbol Trends
Has Anybody Seen Junie Moon? M’Lord is the Shepherd Vacation on the Moon
Holiday on the Moon The Moon: A.D. 2044 Venture to the Moon
How We Lost the Moon Moon Dance Visions of the Green Moon
Ideas Die Hard Moon Duel Waging Good
If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth? Moondust, the Smell of Hay, and
Dialectical Materialism
A Walk in the Sun
Into the Sunset Moon Hunters The War Against the Moon
Intruders Moon Monkeys The Way to Norwich
It isn’t Love that Makes the World Go ‘Round Moon Prospector Werewolves of Luna
It’s Great to Be Back Moonwalk Wrong Way Street
Jetsam The Moon Tree You Will Go To the Moon
Jetsam Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon

Younger Youth

A Grand Day Out Man on the Moon
(a day in the life of Bob)
Peter and the Moon Trip
The Berenstain Bears on the Moon Midnight on the Moon Spacehip to the Moon
The Busy World of Richard
Scarry: A Trip to the Moon
Miss Pickerell on the Moon Thomas on the Moon
Doctor Doolittle in the Moon Moonbeam Finds a Moonstone Tom Corbett: A Trip to the Moon
Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon Pajama Sam: Mission to the Moon You Will Go to the Moon

Older Youth

Countdown for Cindy
Darok 9
Darok 10
Growing Up Weightless
Judge Dredd: Eclipse
Lost on the Moon, or, In Quest of the Field of Diamonds
Mines of Luna (Lunar Resources: The Golden Rule)
Moon Ahead Rocket Ship Galileo Tom Swift in the Race to the Moon
Moon of Mutiny Shanghaied to the Moon Tom Swift: Moonstalker
Moonwake Stowaway to the Moon: The Camelot Odyssey The Trouble With Tycho
Prisoners of Space This Place Has No Atmosphere The Voyage of the Luna I

Media Adaptations

Doctor Who and the Cybermen
Moon Zero Two
Mouse on the Moon
Space: 1999 – Breakaway
Space: 1999 – Moon Odyssey
Space: 1999 – The Space Guardians
Space: 1999 – Collision Course
Space: 1999 – Lunar Attack
Space: 1999 – Astral Quest

Graphic Moons

Astronauts in Trouble – Live From the Moon
Astronauts in Trouble – Space: 1959
Astronauts in Trouble – One Shot, One Beer
Earthlight Vol. 1
Earthlight Vol. 2
Full Moon Fever
Gigantor #4-6
The Great Moon Mystery
Invasion of the Moon
Lunar Goliaths
Man on the Moon
Moon Trap
The Outer Space Spirit: 1952
Space: 1999 #1
Tom Strong #23: Moonday

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, over 200 stories of adventure on our Moon. Before folks start whining about “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” or any others that I’ve missed, I will only say that “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” is not the only, or even necessarily best, story of adventure on the Moon found in the Lunar Library. As noted, I still have many more to go, so stay tuned for further updates…

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