“The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook” (Hardcover)

Godwin, Robert
“The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook”
Apogee Books
ISBN: 978-1-894-95981-0
Publisher’s Web Site
Air & Space Magazine Review – ‘Lunar Landers That Never Were’
Space Pragmatism Review
NSS Reading Space Review
A Space about Books about Space Review

Librarian’s Note: The hardcover edition is only available through the Publisher’s web site; the Amazon link on the left is for the softcover. This is an amazing collection of valuable archival material. What’s most noticeable in hindsight are the basic design elements that kept showing up in project after project. Well over 100 drawn from engineering schematics, photos of models, architecture layouts, illustrations, and most with modern CG renderings from two perspectives based on the archival material. This is a rich resource indeed!

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