The Lunar Library Lacks a Logo!


Image by Clifford Geary from
‘The REAL BOOK about Space Travel’

Attention all readers!

Now that the Lunar Library is one year old, I’ve decided that it needs a logo for its first birthday present.

Since your friendly Lunar Librarian is sorely lacking in the Art arts (but appreciates them greatly), this is not a task I can easily or wisely undertake myself. I therefore call upon the space community at large to show me what you’ve got, and give me a logo that will eventually take the Lunar Library to the Moon! (I think this is what’s called a ‘bleg’)

In return I am willing to offer to the winner of the open competition the following duplicate copies from the Library:

“Moonrush” by Dennis Wingo (Apogee, 2004)
“The Once and Future Moon” by Paul Spudis (Smithsonian, 1996)
“Welcome to Moonbase” by Ben Bova (Random House, 1987)
“The Case for Going to the Moon” by Neil Ruzic (Putnam’s, 1965)
“You Will Go To the Moon” by Mae & Ira Freeman (Beginner Books Bookclub Ed., 1959)

This quintet represents some of the finest titles in the Lunar Library, and they’re for whomever comes up with the best logo that can be used on business cards and marketing materials.

Let’s say October 31st for the deadline. Submissions will be shared with Out of the Cradle readers for feedback. The winner would transfer all rights except for creator rights to the Lunar Library (i.e. you could still use it on your own website and portfolio materials, but couldn’t license or sell its use to anyone else. I could).


All books are in fair condition or better. The first three are paperback, the last two are hardcover. Some wear and tear. Some markings from previous owners. Nothing major. I might throw in a poster or extra swag for a particularly pleasing result. No representations or warranties are express or implied in this solicitation. The Lunar Librarian indemnifies himself from all liability for any injury incurred or arising, physical or mental, as a result of this solicitation. If the Winning Logo is created using traditional media and rendered digitally for the competition, the original media will be submitted to the Lunar Library for future use. If there are any squawks about this solicitation being in violation of some statute or regulation then it will be terminated and all agreements shall be considered as rendered void (and I’d want my books back). Seriously, I’m just trying to have some fun with this. Hopefully everyone else will have fun as a result of this as well.

Submissions should be sent to my lunadyne address at I don’t want big honkin’ 10 meg files. It should be of a size where several of them in a blog post could be pulled up relatively quickly (by dial-up), but also look good on a business or post card.

Thanks in advance,and I look forward to the results.


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