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HUGG-A-PLANET® Earth & Moon
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Librarian’s Note: I can’t believe these came out last year and I didn’t see them. I’ve been a fan of these toys since I first saw them in NYC back in the late 90s. My nephews got the full set of Earth political, Earth geographical, Mars to scale and the Hugg-a-USA. I also donated a set of proportional Earth/Mars to the Frontiers of Flight museum for use in the play area, but they keep them under lock and key and use them for their educational programs instead. The political Earth in this set has an inside pocket that velcros closed.

The Moon is done in a combination of grey and a light pastel purple. Generally, the highlands are in purple, mare in grey. The sites of many historical missions are identified, as well as the craters of the Challenger 7. The naming of major features is a bit hit or miss, such as the Montes Cordillera & Montes Ro[o]k, but not the Mare Orientale of which they are a part. Aristarchus and Copernicus are there, but what about Tycho? Identifying the Aitken Basin would have been a good idea as well.

Of massive utility to educators, I’ll give this set a Full Moon.

Best of the Moon 2007 – Fun & Games

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