In space, no-one can hear you sing in the shower

…because there isn’t a shower.

“Sweat doesn’t fall of you. The water just accumulates until it gets too big and agitated and falls off like a sphere of water. It then floats around until it hits something. It takes a lot of water to fall off.” Imagine huge water balls of sweat bouncing and crashing around mid-air.

Um, yuk. Especially when you take into account that the station crews have to spend an appreciable portion of each day exercising to keep healthy in zero-g. I’m sure the mechanics of making a shower work in microgravity are tricky (the toilet is bad enough), but this sure sounds like a human factors problem waiting for a solution. I wonder what floating globs of sweat do to station electronics?

2 thoughts on “In space, no-one can hear you sing in the shower

  1. Interesting. I never thought about it. We just take it for granted that we can take a shower, and go the bathroom. I guess being an astronaut is not as glamorous as they would make you believe in school – elementary school that is.


  2. There was a shower on Skylab in the 1970’s as Mir and Salyut 7 had showers as well, as discussed in this a technical paper from ISU students in .pdf format (it is a large download)at NASA’s own study for a possible shower for “ISS Alpha” is at – also a big .pdf download

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