Armadillo Aerospace is finally getting noticed

Apparently by some big players:

Somewhat to his surprise, three major aerospace companies are talking to Armadillo Aerospace about flying sensor systems on Armadillo vehicles, using them as high-altitude platforms, Neil Milburn, program manager for Armadillo Aerospace, said in a June 15 interview: Those flights are expected to begin in 2008. While not identifying the customers, Milburn said one of those companies is not a domestic

“So we have finally crossed over into the realm of providing actual value that people care about,” Carmack added.

For years now, John Carmack and his team have been following the mantra of “build a little, test a little” and it looks like they have learned a lot from it. All this with only relatively modest outlays in terms of money and people’s time, by aerospace standards. Maybe there’s something there that the Big Aerospace crowd could learn from that.

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