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Howdy everyone! I’m almost done convalescing after co-chairing the ISDC, and have done a little scouting around the web to see the news that came out of it. Much of which I only got to see bits and pieces of whilst patrolling the conference making sure that everything was going okay. In no particular order:

FlyingSinger – Music of the Spheres
The Carnival of Space #6 – ISDC Edition

Al Fin blog
Carnival of Space #6: ISDC in Dallas

NASA Ames Research Center
Worden Flies High Over Dallas
(includes link to video of presentation)

Jim Plaxco – Artsnova Digital Art and Space
Recovering From ISDC
SEDS Space Art Contest

Ferris Valyn – The Daily Kos
Space Revolution Weekly News for 6-3-07

Federal Computer Week – Buzz of the Week
Geek chic in a virtual world

The Daily Galaxy
NASA’s Plans for Virtual Travel to the Moon

Wyle Labs – Publications and Events
International Space Development Conference 2007

R. Steven Rainwater – Diary
International Space Development Conference

Seattle – We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party
Seattle Does Dallas, or What I Learned at the International Space Development Conference of ‘07

ExplorersWeb –
ExWeb Special: 2007 conference report – disciplined visionaries entering the Space stage

Jesse Londin – Space Law Probe
Got immunity?

Jason Silverman –
Hollywood FX Pro Hypes Space Travel With Indie Film
Indie Film Set to Make Space Missions Sexy
NSS Chief: Can NASA and Bush Get It Done?

Jeff Foust – Personal SpaceFlight/The Space Review/Space Politics
Space Tourism at ISDC
Do we need another acronym?
New Benson Space Vehicle Design
The next orbital space tourist…
Virgin and Rocketplane notes
More on the Dream Chaser
The importance of Plan B (and Plan C, and Plan D…)
Spudis: what NASA is doing right and wrong with the Vision
Lampson and the HAT

Glenn Reynolds – Instapundit
here, here, here, here, here, here, and here and still more here

Dan Schrimpser – Space Pragmatism
NASA is Looking for Private Partners
Benson to do Redesign of Dream Chaser

NASA looks to private sector to help it go lunar

Amanda Gefter – New Scientist Space
Interview: The cosmos as canvas

Keith Cowing – NASAWatch
Pete Worden – and Flat Gorby – at ISDC/Second Life
Flat Gorby – Yuri’s Night 2008 Mascot?
Today’s video: Pete Worden Speaks about CoLab in Second Life

David Orban’s Blog
Pete Worden invites online collaboration with NASA

Wyle and Paragon Announce Comprehensive Human Support Services for Commercial Spaceflight Industry

Clark Lindsay – HobbySpace
here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

Alan Boyle – Cosmic Log

Leonard David – News/Ad Astra Online/LiveScience
National Space Society Conference Kicks Off in Dallas
Getting Business Off The Ground
Benson Space Unveils New Dream Chaser Design
NASA Ames’ ‘Second Life’ Blends Cyberspace with Outer Space
For You Extremeophiles: Suit Up for Space Diving!
Ex-Astronaut Says NASA Asteroid Report Flawed
NASA’s Road to Moon, Mars Paved With Budget Woes

Bart Leahy – Ad Astra Online
Pixel Lunar Lander Makes Progress Despite Challenges
For Space Entrepreneurs, Access Equals Economic Growth
When Courting Capital, New Space Companies Should Stress Competence Over Coolness
Space Venture Symposium Highlights Industry Diversity

Esther – Esther Dyson’s Flight School
While you’re waiting for Flight School…

Pegasus News
Legendary Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin will be at what’s called the premier public space event for the past 26 years

Matt Bowes – Space Liberates Us!
Rick Tumlinson on Orbital Outfitters / Xtreme Space
John Carmack on Armadillo
Liveblogging the ISDC

Paul Spudis – Spudis Lunar Resources
The Vision For Space Exploration – Quo Vadimus?

Ed – Robot Guy
Why do space at all?

CBS Channel 11 Dallas,Fort Worth Star Telegram, CNN/AP Newswire
Space Tourism Industry: We Can Survive Crash

Sam Coniglio – Space Channel
Newsroom Transcript: NASA in Second Life

Mars Foundation
Mars Foundationâ„¢ to Present New Design Concept at NSS ISDC

William Atkins – iTWire
Benson Space announces Dream Chaser tourism spaceship at 2007 space conference
World of space highlighted at 2007 Space Conference

Rand Simberg – Transterrestrial Musings
Engaging the Public
Au Revoir
It’s Alive!

FlyingSinger – Music of the Spheres
ISDC 2007 in Dallas
ISDC Rocks!
ISDC Wrap-up
Carnival of Space #5: Amazing Space
New LAUNCH Magazine
ISDC Video Interviews

AstroProf – AstroProf’s Page
2007 International Space Development Conference
Suborbital Space Tourism
A virtual presentation
Blogging about space blogging
Going straight to Mars?

Eric Collins – Spaceflight Sandbox
ISDC 2007 – Day One

Ken Murphy – Selenian Boondocks
Notes from the 2007 ISDC
More ISDC Notes
Reflections on the ISDC

Ken Murphy – Lunar Library
Conference goodies for the Lunar Library

Feiruz – Soapbox
Review of the ISDC

M. Simon – Power and Control
Latest Fusion News

Louise Riofrio – A Babe in the Universe (ain’t that the truth…)
ISDC Announcement
More from ISDC
ISDC Scoop: Going to Moon Soon

Ray – Space Prizes
ISDC 2007 Started
Wernher Von Braun Award
NSS Space Finance Award
Space Liberates Us! and the Lunar Lander Challenge
More on Armadillo at ISDC 2007
Paul Spudis at the ISDC
James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest Winners
Videos from ISDC 2007
June 2007 Centennial Challenges Listserv Message

Walt Boyes – NZPCS Science
British Writer Wins First Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Contest

Xeni Jardin – BoingBoing
Int’l. Space Development con: Glenn Reynolds liveblogs it

ISDC Update

China View/XinhuaNet
Space: Branson, Bigelow talking orbiting hotels

Adam McGill – D Magazine
Space Place
Re:Space Place

Robert Wilonsky – Dallas Observer
Spaced Out in North Dallas
Blogger Summit Prep Notes & Resources

Tim & Jen – Where in the Universe are Tim and Jen?
A space roundup in Dallas: Yeeee-haw!
ISDC Photos

NASA Island In Second Life

Tie-dyed Tehuti – Tie-Dyed Brain Rays
Catching a Buzz


Krys Boyd – Kera 90.1’s ‘Think‘ – 05/23/2007
National Space Society International Space Development Conference
(CD available for purchase – Thank you PBS!)

George Schellenger & Tim Bailey – Space Task Force
Deep in the heart of Texas…
ISDC: Back from Dallas
ISDC: Ken Davidian: NASA Centennial Challenges
ISDC: Robert Pearlman, collectSPACE
ISDC: Dr. Robert Zubrin; Founder and President of the Mars Society
ISDC: Michael Mealing, Masten Space Systems
Back from Dallas with Episode 7

Dr. David Livingston – The Space Show
Esther Dyson
Dr. Burton Lee
Dr. Ken Cox & Bruce Pittman (ATWG)

The Space Show
06/05/2007 – Tom Olsen to discuss the recent ISDC conference, 19-20:30 PST
06/06/2007 – Alex Howerton (was at ISDC), 19-20:30 PST
06/08/2007 – Gwynne Shotwell (was at ISDC), 21:30-23:30 PST
06/10/2007 – Dr. Burton Lee to update on the recent Financial Symposium at the ISDC conference, 12-13:30 PST
06/11/2007 – Dr. Pascal Lee (was at ISDC)
06/12/2007 – Andrew Hoppin (was at ISDC)


Krys Boyd – Kera TV’s ‘Think‘ – 06/01/2007, 06/03/2007
Shielding the Earth from Space w/Rusty Schweickart
(Did I mention “Thank you PBS!”)

View From The Top (VFTT) – tkholmes1951
A Quick Look around the Exhibitor’s Room
Video Blog Part 1
VFTT Looks at Armadillo Aerospace
Space Settlement Contest Winners
Greg Allison
Timothy Bendel
Ben Bova
Leonard David
Robert Jacobson
Lon Levin
The Levinsons
Michael Mealing
Tim Pickens
Carol Redfield
Bennett Rutledge
Robin Snelson
Rick Tumlinson
Dr. Lee Valentine
Loretta Whitesides
Dr. Robert Zubrin

Chip Proser
Ester Dyson at the Space Venture Finance Symposium

Please note that Media Archives will soon have a full set of archive DVDs available. Keep checking back.

More as it becomes available…

Here’s the Official Photo Gallery! (I’m the guy in the black hat)

Of note is that there has really been nothing in the local Dallas Media about the conference. The Dallas Morning News hasn’t had any stories, and one cameraperson showed up late on Saturday afternoon when everyone was in sessions, and two showed up Sunday afternoon when things were winding down. I was livid at that point, and incapable of dealing with them rationally as the first question out of my mouth would have been “Where in tarnation were y’all three days ago when we needed you?” The news was already history. Talk about a day late and a dollar short. Yet another example of how traditional corporate media is a step behind the evolution of how people get their information.

Time for another nap…

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  1. I cover Tom Ligon’s Fusion talk and some other stuff:

  2. Thank you for publishing such a comprehensive list of links about ISDC. By the time the papers notice, these businesses will be in Space. I hope you don’t mind if I link to your blog.

  3. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for listing the Space Task Force podcast on the media wrap-up! George Schellenger and Tim Bailey are the hosts. Please let us know what you think of the show! Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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