“‘Standstill’ My Beating Heart: A Lunar Love Affair”

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Morrow, Cherilynn
“‘Standstill’ My Beating Heart: A Lunar Love Affair”
Space.com: SETI
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Librarian’s Note: This is a Lunar love story in 3 acts. The standstill season she’s talking about is part of the Saros cycle, where the Moon returns to the same spot in the sky every 18.6 years (which she doesn’t actually name in the article). This fact is what makes eclipses predictable. And while she notes that the nodes are precessing, the Moon’s position is further complicated by the fact that, IIRC, the line of apsides is also precessing, but in the opposite direction of the precession of the nodes. All told there are somewhere in excess of 150 discrete perturbations on the Moon’s position in its orbit. It’s talked about in one of the really old astronautics books over in the High Frontier: Navigation section, I think “the physical principles of Astronautics” by Berman.

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