Live blogging at Space Access ’07

I’m a little late to the punch here, but the Space Access ’07 conference is well under way, and it’s worth checking out the sterling job being done by the guys live blogging it:

Here’s the agenda for Saturday:

Saturday March 24th
9 am Bill Boland, Teachers In Space
9:20 Sam Dinkin, SpaceShot
9:40 Masten Space
10:20 break
11 am Ken Davidian, “NASA ESMD’s Approach to NewSpace”
11:40 Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace
12:30 break for lunch
2 pm Leik Myrabo, Lightcraft Progress
2:40 Panel, The New Space Investment Climate – Esther Dyson,
Stephen Fleming, Joe Pistritto
3:30 break
4 pm Panel, How Are We Doing? – Jeff Foust, Jon Goff, Rand Simberg,
Henry Vanderbilt
4:45 Rick Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation
5 pm Paul Breed, Unreasonable Rocket
5:15 Dave Ketchledge, The Next Shuttle
5:30 Alex Bruccoleri
late – Hospitality closes – see you next time!

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