T – 8 days and counting…

All systems are GO at this time for OotC’s website relaunch on January the 15th. Lots of good stuff coming, so mark the date.

While you are waiting, here’s some more thoughts:

Made on Earth, from imported components

Yesterday I talked about how space is immediately and personally important to you, because you owe your very life to processes occurring beyond the confines of planet Earth. I mentioned the sun, which is the ultimate energy source of nearly everything alive. (The exceptions are small bacteria that hang around near highly sulfuric volcanic vents deep in the darkest depths of the oceans).

What I didn’t mention is that without another process that occurs in space, you, me, and life in general could never have come into being. Not even those bacteria from the deep ocean volcanic vents. That process is the production by stellar nuclear fusion of heavy atoms. The atomic constituents of life were created in the hearts of now long-dead stars, way out in space.

Though most people on the Earth don’t realize it, each and every one of us has an immediate, and personal, and intimate connection with the rest of the universe:

Our bodies are made from bits of old stars.

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